New Feature – Switch a Room

We have recently introduced a new feature available to venues on the automated booking engine.

Now when you receive a request for a room that is not available, instead of rejecting the request and losing the booking you can now switch the request to a different room to confirm.

The booker will receive confirmation of the new room and you will retain the booking at your venue! Win win!

We have outlined the details of this below for your perusal.

How it Works!

  1. Once logged into Meetingsbooker dashboard, click on pending automated booking request.

  1. If the requested room cannot be accommodated, click on “Switch Room & Accept”. This should give you the list of available rooms you can offer the client.

  1. Click “Switch” button beside the meeting room you wish to offer and click “Save & Confirm Booking”. All set, the booking is now confirmed and the client is notified of the changes.

Also, as informed in recent emails we have now removed the “By Request” option in the equipment items.

Clients booking via Meetingsbooker can now order either free items or paid items.

Free equipment items are now limited to 1 per booking for the venue’s convenience.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions on this,

Best Regards,

Meetingsbooker Team
Ireland: +353 1 254 5600
UK: +44 203 868 5860