Adding ‘Special Offers’ to your Profile

We always tell venues, one of the best ways to see an increase in requests and bookings is adding a discount to your room hire rates. Any venues on site that have a discount applied get a badge on their profile.

Clients tend to book with venues where they can see their getting a good deal, not to mention it bumps you up on our search results! So why not add a discount to your rates?

If you’re looking to add a discount to your room hire, please see below for a step-by-step guide.

Adding ‘Special Offers’


The discounts you apply to your profile are completely amendable and can be changed to suit what you wish to offer.

After you have logged into your MB profile, go to the meeting room rates section on your venue profile

Under your room hire rates, you will see the ‘Add Special Offer’ button.

The below pop up will appear for you to make a discount.

We are a free venue finding service that allows you fast & easy access to some of the best venue<![CDATA[

Our automated booking system has allowed smaller meetings to be booked with ease and efficiency. 80%<![CDATA[

As you may already know, our class leading automated booking system allows smaller meetings to be booked with ease and efficiency. While our range of Instant Book venues increases daily, we still manage some bookings via our request to book system.

80% of these bookings are now confirmed with venues within 3 working hours of the initial request being submitted. 

And now, for those requests that cannot be confirmed, whether it is due to no availability or a slow response from the venue, we have come up with the answer!

Introducing our New Rescue System!

We have developed a new process for requests that cannot be confirmed by the originally requested venue. We will now send these potential bookings out to alternative venues that match the same search area and basic price range.

This gives both our bookers more options and allows your venue to accept additional bookings that would have normally gone to your competitors.

How do you know when you’ve received a rescue request?

You will receive an email from us with the subject line ‘Booking request from your competitor’ which will advise you we have a potential booking for you and we invite you to login to your MB dashboard to submit an offer.

– Our system will populate the offer for you based on your meeting room and additional requirement rates. No need to submit a full proposal!

– Once the offer has been submitted, we will email the client your offer to confirm with your venue.

– You will be emailed if the client accepts your offer and you receive an instantly confirmed booking.

– These bookings can be found under the ‘Online Bookings’ tab of your venue dashboard along with all other requests on the automated booking system.

– These bookings are managed as all other automated bookings, so you don’t need to worry about taking payment for these bookings either!

If you receive a request, or have any questions on these bookings, please feel free to contact our team on

Speak to you soon,