Simple meetings solved

Travel and procurement managers for companies around the world are effectively managing their accommodation expenditure using online technology and driving savings from their preferred hotels and venues. Now, they are turning their attention to simple meetings. 

So what are simply meetings?

According to the GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) a simple meetings are basic straight forward meetings generally organised by individuals rather than professional conference organisers. These small, easy-replicable meetings make up at least 50% of an average company’s meetings spend. They can be a small 10 person half day meeting or a 80 person meeting with accommodation. But in all cases they can be easily booked and do not include complicated event management services.

Based on a recent GBTA report, over 77% of companies have no managed solution for these meetings. So unlike accommodation expenditure which is a mature area of business travel including online booking tools (OBT) travel managers are literally unable to track millions worth of simple meetings expenditure.

Simple meetings solution –

Thats where can help! We have automated the discovery and booking of over 125,000 meeting spaces around the world. In essences we have created a global online booking tool for meetings. This allows travel managers to use our tool to power their bookings and to allow their employees to easily search and book great places to meet. Exactly how they book hotel bedrooms.

But our system goes further by giving the travel manager the tools necessary to drive policy and savings:

  • Implement meetings policy
  • Load preferred hotels and venues
  • Set venue terms and conditions
  • Create centralised billing for meetings
  • Manage employee access and usage
  • Access to discounted rates
  • Ability to receive negotiated meeting rates from venues
  • Live data including global expenditure and savings.