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Shark Week: Top 7 Underwater Hotels Around The World

It's that time of the year again everyone - Shark week!

 Shark Week is back and is bringing us amazing shark-themed documentaries all week.. We wondered how we could show our appreciation for the week, so we decided to make a list of the top underwater venues around the world. Places where you are pretty sure to see a shark, be it wanted or unwanted! 

We have a venue for each day of Shark Week so let’s get started...

1. The Manta Resort, Zanzibar

This resort allows you to fall asleep surrounded by sea life in one of the most picturesque tropical islands on Earth. The Manta family say that it is not about 5 star luxury, but more about the serenity and close encounters with nature & family. Despite this, we certainly think the views are worth more than 5 stars.

2. Sea Life Aquarium, London

Although London isn’t exactly a tropical island, this venue still offers the ultimate aquamarine experience. The walkway into the event room is a water tunnel. Guests can see turtles, stingrays, schools of fish and most importantly, sharks. Sharks swimming above and beneath accompanied by divers holding whiteboards with messages written to entertain guests. After the tunnel is the underwater themed room. You just have to look at the photo to get an under the sea feeling.

3. Per Aquum, Maldives

Back to paradise, this luxurious venue offers underwater conference rooms. This time, however, the views are 100% natural as opposed to an aquarium. Built among the reef, guests will be in awe of the views from their meeting table.

4. Conrad Resort, Maldives

Apart from the beautiful views and suites on offer, the restaurant in this hotel allows you to eat under the sea (or at least under the glass tunnel in the sea). So as you’re about to tuck into your starter there may be a shark looking over your shoulder.

5. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Okay, so this one doesn’t exist quite yet, but it is well on it’s way! Due to be finished in 2009, the association in charge declared in 2014, that it would be another six years before completion! However, the plans do seem impressive enough to wait that long, even if an average stay will cost roughly €10,000.

6. Hydropolis, Dubai

This is the second underwater venue still under construction. Again, the plans look impressive so it will be certainly worth the wait. As far as average price range goes, nothing has been released, but we can be fairly certain you’ll need to sell a kidney or five to afford it!

7. Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

We saved the best until last and you will soon see why. The hotel has an underwater event room which, like the others has breathtaking views of marine life, but that is not the only reason this is our favourite. Among many other water sport activities, the venue also offers, a shark safari. How else could you end shark week but with a shark safari?

Our Venue of the Day - Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Today on the Meetingsbooker blog, we have chosen the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore, as our Venue of the Day.

Located just minutes from the central business district in the heart of Marina Bay, the Mandarin Oriental is a mere twenty minute drive from Changi International Airport, whilst offering panoramic city and ocean views. The hotel also provides a transfer service for all delegates travelling to and from the venue.

With 16 meeting spaces laid out across an impressive 6,448 square feet, as well as 468 rooms and 59 suites, this hotel can surely accommodate all your conference needs, everything from elaborate events in the Oriental Ballroom, to smaller, more intimate affairs in the numerous executive boardrooms. For a more relaxed setting, there is also a lavish Garden Suite which is perfect for breaks or pre-function drinks.

Each client is assigned a dedicated Conference Manager who will be their point of contact for accommodation, catering and the programme of events. There are multi-lingual staff who can provide interpretation facilities, with more extensive translation services available for a fee.

The Mandarin Oriental can provide you with the latest technology in audio-visual, projection and video-conferencing facilities, as well as an on-site technical team to ensure your event is as impressive and memorable as you’d hoped. Perhaps the most unique thing that this hotel can offer you though, is the Harbour Terrace which is located next to the swimming pool. This space has stunning views that overlook Singapore Harbour and is ideal for al fresco receptions as the pool can be converted with plexiglass covers, creating a truly unique meeting experience.  

Our Venue of the Day: China Fleet Country Club, Cornwall

For anyone who has visited Cornwall, they will know that it is very easy to fall in love with. That is why we have chosen the picturesque China Fleet Country Club as our venue of the day.


In 1903, the first ever China Fleet Country Club was set up in Hong Kong for ranking members of the Royal Navy. When set up, it was purely a canteen for soldiers who wanted a sense of home, but it quickly became a lot more. It was turned into a seven story building for any Royal Navy soldier serving in China.

From it’s success, came the establishment of two more clubs. The second was set up in Korea during the Korean War in the 1950’s and the other was set up afterward during the Vietnam War. Eventually, as soldiers returned home, they began to crave the familiarity of the China Fleet. As of 1991, the China Fleet Country Club in Cornwall exists.

What’s on offer?

The China Fleet Country Club has five event spaces on offer (or seven if you include the room that can be split into two smaller rooms.)

The Atlantic Suite

With high ceilings & large windows, this suite fills with natural light and is the largest room on offer fitting up to 300 guests.  

The Pacific Suite
On it’s own, this room will fit up to 300 guests. However, it can also be split into two separate, smaller rooms for an event with fewer guests. 

The Kingsmill Suite
Ideal for small events such as family gatherings this suite can fit 60 guests. The suite is located in the original farmhouse.

The Farmhouse Suite
As the name would suggest, this suite, too, is situated in the oldest part of the building - the farmhouse. The suite consists of two adjoining rooms allowing for a welcoming, foyer area. Perfect during the summer months, the room backs onto an outdoor decking area.

The Grounds
Simply, the grounds are beautiful. There is a grassy area for outdoor picnics or BBQ’s and it is the perfect space for a marquee. Ideal for summer team building activities.

Once you visit this venue you will fall in love with Cornwall for the first time or all over again. P.s. Their website offers a full panoramic video view of each suite. Have you been? Comment below to tell us what you thought!