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Top Meeting Spaces - Meet & Mingle in a Museum

Whether you are organizing a board meeting or annual conference, a museum space can often provide your attendees with something new and original. 

We have a wide range of museum venues on Meetingsbooker that can deliver you just what you're looking for. Here are some of our top picks...


Museum of Bags & Purses


Thackray Museum


Museum of Science and Industry


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Top Meeting Spaces - Have you ever met in a Loft?

Have you ever had a meeting in a loft? It's not all about hotel meeting rooms here at, we have a great selection of venues that can offer you and your attendees a different experience entirely.

Here are a few of our favourites but we have much more on our site, start browsing now to find your perfect meeting space.

Vaudeville Theatre


The Fashion Loft


Cooks Yard


Want to find more #meetingrooms? Take a look now on Meetingsbooker