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Adding 'Special Offers' to your Profile

We always tell venues, one of the best ways to see an increase in requests and bookings is adding a discount to your room hire rates. Any venues on site that have a discount applied get a badge on their profile.

Clients tend to book with venues where they can see their getting a good deal, not to mention it bumps you up on our search results! So why not add a discount to your rates?

If you're looking to add a discount to your room hire, please see below for a step-by-step guide.

Adding 'Special Offers'

The discounts you apply to your profile are completely amendable and can be changed to suit what you wish to offer.

After you have logged into your MB profile, go to the meeting room rates section on your venue profile

Under your room hire rates, you will see the 'Add Special Offer' button.

The below pop up will appear for you to make a discount.

You will have 2 ways you can apply a discount, 

1) Apply a discount to particular dates. For example, you could set a discount for the month of August, for the next two weeks or until the end of the year.

2) You can set a discount for a certain lead time of new bookings. For example, you can apply a discount to anyone who wishes to book within 25 days of the meeting date. Or any number of days you want!

Once you have decided the type of discount you want to apply, you will choose the days this will apply to. The discount can be applied to all days of the week or can be only for certain days.

Next thing you do is select what room you want the offer to apply to.

When it comes to the amount of a discount applied, you can provide the special rates or apply a percentage.

By selecting 'Manually Enter Special Rates', you can input the rate for each room and duration.

If you choose this option, please finish the instructions below and then click 'Create Offer'. This will bring you to the meeting room rates page where you can then input the discounted rates.

If you select a percentage amount, our system will automatically apply the discount to the rates already provided on your profile.

Once you have followed these steps, just click 'Create Offer' and the discount will be saved to your venue's profile.

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact us!

Ireland: +353 1 254 5600

UK: +44 203 868 5860

Instant Availability Calendar

Along with our partnership with Carlson Wagonlit Travel, we have updated some aspects of the venue dashboard in order for you to take full advantage of this exciting new adventure with

As you know, we have two ways venues can receive requests on our booking engine - Request to Books and Instant books.


Request to Books are where you receive a request to check availability and respond by accepting or rejecting.

Instant Books are confirmed bookings made instantly by users and are made based on the availability provided to your Online Availability Calendar.


We have now updated our calendar system to make it easier for you to update your availability for Instant Books. Please see below for full details on this new feature.


Please Note: Only Rooms that are Online in the 'Meeting Room Rates' section will appear for the Calendar.

When you login to your Meetingsbooker profile, you will see the 'Availability' tab on the left hand side.

Once you click this tab, you will be brought to the New Calendar system

You will now be able to manage which rooms you have on live availability and request to book. Rooms that are ‘On’ will be instant book

Rooms that are ‘Off’ will be on request to book



When you have a room selected on Live Availability, you can select which room’s calendar you would like to view. You must select a room in order to view their calendar and update it's availability.

To block out dates, simply select the date on the Calendar and the below will pop up for you to enter the details of the booked event


Blocked out dates will appear like the below

You will also have the option of downloading the calendar to your desktop as a shortcut to update pricing


If you have any questions about updating your live availability calendar please feel free to contact our team at


New Feature - Switch a Room

We have recently introduced a new feature available to venues on the automated booking engine.

Now when you receive a request for a room that is not available, instead of rejecting the request and losing the booking you can now switch the request to a different room to confirm.

The booker will receive confirmation of the new room and you will retain the booking at your venue! Win win!

We have outlined the details of this below for your perusal.

How it Works!

  1. Once logged into Meetingsbooker dashboard, click on pending automated booking request.

  1. If the requested room cannot be accommodated, click on “Switch Room & Accept”. This should give you the list of available rooms you can offer the client.

  1. Click “Switch” button beside the meeting room you wish to offer and click “Save & Confirm Booking”. All set, the booking is now confirmed and the client is notified of the changes.

Also, as informed in recent emails we have now removed the “By Request” option in the equipment items.

Clients booking via Meetingsbooker can now order either free items or paid items.

Free equipment items are now limited to 1 per booking for the venue’s convenience.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions on this,

Best Regards,

Meetingsbooker Team
Ireland: +353 1 254 5600
UK: +44 203 868 5860