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Fairytale Meetings : 20 Spectacular Places Fit For A Disney Princess

At some point in our lives, we all wished we could feature in our favourite fairytale, specifically as the title character. However, as we got older our dream stayed exactly that - a dream. That is of course, until now. For when you wish upon, your dreams come true.

If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme, let your mind wander as you scroll through '20 Places Fit For a Disney Princess'. 

1. Colmar, France

Say bonjour to Colmar, France and imagine singing about that peculiar girl, Belle.

 2. Halnaker, England

This tree tunnel in Halnaker, England, is exactly like the road to the Beast's castle.

3. Gardens of Saijo-Ji

Unlike Mulan, will your reflection show who you are inside at the Gardens of Saijo-Ji, Japan?


4.  Benagil Caves, Portugal

It's easy to picture Ariel collecting her 'thingy-mabobs' in the Benagil Caves, Portugal.

5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Or perched on one of these rocks in Dubrovnik, Croatia longing for Prince Eric...

6. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

"Do you want to build a snowman... in the Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany?" 

7.  Ice Hotel, Sweden 

If the cold doesn't bother you, visit the Ice Hotel in Sweden. 

8. Wat Rongkhun, Thailand

Or would you rather join Elsa & Anna in Wat Rongkhun, Thailand?

9. Isola Di Loreto, Italy

Isola Di Loreto, Italy is perfectly secluded to hide Rapunzal's long locks.


10. Le Mont Saint-Michel, France

Le Mont Saint-Michel, France looks like it was taken directly from Tangled.

11. Grand Palace Peterhof, St Petersburg 

Anastasia was a real princess in Russia, so if you want the Disney fairytale experience, the Grand Palace Peterhof, in Petersburg Russia is the identical to the movie. 

12. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan  

 Wisteria Tunnel, Japan reminiscent of where Eudora shared a passionate kiss with a frog. 

13. Worcestershire, England

Heigh-Ho its off to Worcestershire we go. This looks like it is the perfect home for the seven dwarfs!

14. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland 

Visit The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland to possibly see a frantic Snow White running from the Huntsman. 

15. Peloponnese, Greece.

You need to be Brave to walk out to this castle in Peloponnese, Greece. 

16. Annechy, France

Annechy, France where the streets must be filled of gypsies helping hunchbacks.

17. Souk Markets, Middle East

Souk markets across the middle east are mirror images of when Aladdin & Jasmine first met.


18. Taj Mahal, India 

The Taj Mahal, India is where Disney got their inspiration for the palace in the movie.

19. Bibury Village, England 

Bibury Village, England fit for pauper, Cinderella before she found her Prince.

20. The Palace of Versailles, France 

The Palace of Versailles, France is where Cinderella lives her happily ever-after. 

That was our 20 Places fit for a Disney Princess, but if your dreams are yet to come true after all of this, there are fairytale conventions happening all over the world! Our favourite upcoming events are Fairy Tale IV in Paris, Storybrooke in London and D23 Expo in California to celebrate all things fairytale! 

Who was your favourite Disney character growing up?
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