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Top Venues of The Week

We have decided that our favourite venues deserve an entire week of dedication rather than just one day. So, saying goodbye to Venue of the Day we say hello to Top Venues of the Week!

Let’s get the ball rolling…

1. Grand Connaught Rooms , London


Ideally located only a short distance from two tube stations, car parking facilities and a five minute taxi ride from three major train stations, Grand Connaught Rooms is perfectly situated for your attendees. The largest space is the aptly named, The Grand Room, which boasts 950 sqm of dynamic exhibition space and with room for a guest list of 1000 making it an ideal spacious area for large events. The venue also has a variety of smaller training spaces to suit any event needs.

2. The Gresham Hotel , Dublin

Located on O’Connell Street, Dublin, this venue is central to everything! It was newly refurbished in 2013, has over three hundred bedrooms and it is also host to twenty-three different conference rooms. With a huge variety of shapes and sizes on offer, you’ll have no trouble finding the right space for your event.

3.Thistle Euston Hotel, London


Located conveniently near London Euston station, and a few minutes from the Eurostar terminal at King’s Cross/St Pancras, Thistle Euston provides an ideal space for business meetings and events. The hotel has a variety of meetings rooms and suites which can accommodate up to 100 attendees.

Located in Glasnevin, DCU is only fifteen minutes from Dublin city centre. The college has a range of rooms & theatres on offer for any amount of guests. Whether you need a classroom for 50, a lecture hall for 250 or for the largest space on offer, 1000 guests, the choice is on offer.

5. Raddison Blu Portman Hotel London


Located right in the heart of the city centre, this venue is a superb location for small or large events. The entire first floor of the hotel is a dedicated area for conference and banquet facilities, complete with a separate entrance to allow delegates immediate access to the meeting space. The venue can host up to 600 guests in the grand ballroom, but can also accommodate smaller events in one of 12 conference suites available.

Our Venue of the Day - The Stillorgan Park Hotel

Today's selection from the Meetingsbooker team for Venue of the Day is the beautiful Stillorgan Park Hotel in Dublin.

With facilities to cater for up to 600 people and over 300 car parking spaces, the hotel is the ideal venue for your conference, function or event. There are 4 different suites to choose from depending on the amount of delegates you have and facilities required for your event.

Situated in Stillorgan on the south side of Dublin, close to Blackrock, Dun Laoghaire, Leopardstown, Sandyford and Dundrum as well as both the M50 and N11 motorway networks, it is easily accessible from all routes.

The Shelbourne Suite

The largest conference and event suite can cater for up to 500 attendees. Located in the heart of the purpose built conference centre this space offers all the modern Audio-visual amenities with soundproofed doors and has ample natural daylight.

With a private loading area for larger set-ups, the Shelbourne Suite is purposely designed for conferences, exhibitions and private functions.

The Carysfort Suite

This spacious function room lends itself perfectly to all manner of events. With large ceiling to floor windows, one overlooking the courtyard, this is an ideal event space. This suite also has the benefit a private entrance with plenty of space for setting up separate areas.

The Merrion Suite

This private conference suite offers an extremely flexible space catering for any range of meetings and events. Overlooking the French style courtyard area, this room offers a ample natural daylight.

All three of these conference suites are interconnected around the courtyard area which, therefore, is ideal for breakout areas, exhibitions and any type of interactive event.

The Priory & Sandyford Suites

Situated near to the lobby area, these suites are suitable for a smaller banquet or executive presentation. With coved ceilings and warm colours, these suites offer an air of luxury combined with the support of a first class hotel.

The Park Business Centre

For smaller meeting requirements we have 8 state of the art dedicated meeting rooms suitable for up to 14 people. Designed to offer you a complete audio visual package, the rooms come equipped with the all the latest audio-visual equipment that your meetings or event might require.

Each room has natural daylight, air conditioning, phase power, mode lighting & electronic blackout facilities. Included in the dedicated boardroom package is stationary, flip-chart, mints, water & cordial, for the convenience of your delegates.

Tips For Entrepreneurs - Lessons Learned From A Female Founder

"I was always destined to become an entrepreneur".

This was the first sentence Niamh Bushnell, Dublin's first Commissioner for Startups, spoke at InspireFest 2015.

She was on stage to give tips to potential startup founders in Dublin who may be struggling to get their idea off the ground. Bushnell told the, predominantly female, audience that she was enterprising from a young age, persuading an Italian man to drive herself and her friend the length of Italy, for free, when she was just 18 years old. 

Since then Bushnell has worked for Enterprise Ireland, has become an Angel Investor, and has set up two companies of her own while living in New York city, the first of which sadly failed.

She shared 10 lessons she has learned over her career thus far, from communication challenges and picking the right co-founders to the issue of becoming too emotionally involved in your idea. Below are her tips for anyone looking to start their own business

Lesson 1: Don't lost track of the market.

You have a great idea - brilliant. But as your idea, and product or service develops, be sure not to lose track of which direction the market is going. Will your idea still be relevant is 6 months? Are you keeping up-to-date with your competitors? One of the most important things to know when starting your own business is to never lose track of the market.

Lesson 2: Being busy doesn't mean you're being productive.

Anyone can make themselves busy, but not everyone can be consistently productive. Make sure you are spending your time working on the right things, the things that are most important to your business taking off.Start with spending time doing the things you love then try to get the more difficult tasks done when you are feeling more motivated.

Lesson 3: Choose everything carefully.

When starting your first business, it is imperative to choose every small element of it with extreme care. Consider your phone providers as much as your investors, be as picky when choosing internet services as you are with choosing talent.

Lesson 4: There are no shortcuts.

You need to tell yourself this again and again because taking shortcuts will only end in a lot more work further down the line or in some instances, ultimate failure. Everything takes time and everything needs to be done properly. Taking shortcuts with your startup is a BIG no-no.

Lesson 5: Tech is challenging.

If you have tech in your product but are not a techie yourself, you will need to learn to be an excellent listener. If you're co-founder is good at the tech side, and your're not, you will need to find clear ways to communicate to ensure you both understand the direction you wish to take your product.

Lesson 6: Successful businesses LOVE numbers.

It's all about the numbers, both at the beginning of your journey and cone your business is established. Investors want to know numbers: How many customers do you have? How many are you retaining? How big is the market? How much profit are you making? Always keep track of the numbers for everything, no matter how small.

Lesson 7: Know both your macros and micro market.

This is about knowing what people are up to in the 'virtual town hall'. Knowing your market isn't just about keeping an eye on your competitors and your sector, it's about understanding and being aware of the bigger picture. Watch the news, read newspapers, subscribe to tech blogs and stay up to date on everything and anything that could potentially affect your business.

Lesson 8: REALLY like your co-founder.

Some people say you should never go into business with friends. While that isn't exclusively true, you do need to be VERY careful with who you decide to start your business with. You have to really like them. You need to like them so much that you would willingly invite them over for dinner every night of the week. If you don't get on with your co-founder, your business is doomed to fail from the get-go.

Lesson 9: Beware of 'good enough'.

This is about focusing on a problem that does not need to be fixed. If the general public feel the product or service they currently use is 'goof enough' that there is probably no real need for a new one. Don't try to create a market where one does one already exist.

Lesson 10: Avoid all the 'startup hype'.

It is so easy. especially here in Dublin, to get sucked in by the hype that surrounds the startup sector. Everyone wants in and some people have even become serial startup founders, jumping form one startup incubator to the next. Just because there is funding available and a great selection of accelerator programmes does not mean they will take you to the next milestone. Your're idea and features need to be killer and you need to work harder than you have ever done before in order to get it off the ground.