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7 Insightful Ted Talks by Women

To celebrate Intentional Women's Day this Sunday, March 8th, we have complied this great list of Ted Talks delivered by inspiring and influential women from around the world. These women never let anything stop them from reaching for the sky and achieving their goals. In these talks they inspire other women to think big, to improve and keep improving and to stop setting limits on what you believe you can achieve in life.

ted talk by women7.Susan Colantuono 

"The career advice you probably didn't get."

6. Kare Anderson 

"Be an opportunity maker"

5.Carol Dweck 
"The power of believing you can improve."

Caroline Casey

"Looking past limits."

3. Mellody Hobson

"Color Blind or Color Brave."

2. Elizabeth Gilbert
"Success, failure and the drive to keep creating."

1. Roselinde Torres

"What it takes to be great."