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What's Your Favourite Meeting Place in Dublin?

What's your favourite meeting place in Dublin? What's your 'go to' place when meeting friends or colleagues for coffee, a business lunch or even a quick pint after work? Here at Meetingsbooker, we are searching for Dublin's best meeting places and need your help with finding them. 

Be it a park bench, an unknown cafe, a hotel lobby or even a well know city center pub, we want to compile a list of the very best meeting places in Dublin!

The challenge:

We are going to spend the next 2 weeks scouring the internet for the most unique meeting places in Dublin. If you want to take part in our little project, we would love to have you involved!. 

Just tag you blog post with 'My Favourite Meeting Place', tweet us  (@meetingsbooker) your favourite spot with the #MyFavouriteMeetingPlace hashtag, link back to this post or simply comment below with your favourite spot and we will include your ideas in our bumper guide to 'Dublin's Best Meeting Spots' later this month.

What makes a really great meeting place??

Location, Location, Location

We believe location is one of the best measures to a great meeting place. What's the point in finding an incredible place to meet if it's miles from anywhere? An incredible hotel or cafe or community center isn't much good if it has no access to public transport or takes an hour to get to!


Everyone loves a good deal and no one likes to get ripped off, regardless of whatever type of budget you have. Finding a special meeting place which you love at the right price for you is essential. Sire there might be some great hotel lobby's or some stunning city center bars, but is 14 euro a price you are willing to pay for two cups of coffee?!


What sort of atmosphere do you look for in a perfect meeting space? Some people like it to be really quiet and calm, away from the buzz of the city. Others like to be right in the middle of it in a spot where they can people watch and always bump into people they know. Is music in the background off putting or does it add to the relaxed atmosphere of the venue?


One thing is probably a must for most people...there needs to be free WiFi. Other people look for places with plenty of plug sockets to charge their phone or laptop. Are their comfy couches to sit on or suitable tables to work on your computer?

Food and Drink

Saving the best for last!! Good healthy food and good coffee are pretty much a stable when it comes to good meeting rooms. It's essential that you have enough energy to get some work done and thus a constant supply of fresh food is a bonus. When looking for that perfect meeting place, how important is access to good food and drink for you? Sometimes, the location just needs to be near to bars and restaurants rather than actually being one!

Now, the ball is in your hand to let us know what you think is the best meeting place in Dublin!