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Most Heart Warming Meetings: Dog Edition.

Last week we gave you the first instalment of our new series: Heart-Warming Meetings (the Soldier Edition.) This post featured videos of soldiers coming home from months and months at war and being reunited with their families. Utterly eye-misting, you have to admit.

However, it’s not just the family that miss their loved ones so dearly; admit it, the thought of not seeing your four-legged friend for any extended period of time is enough to raise your blood pressure a level or two. So–and I hope you’ve got the Kleenex at the ready–this week our focus is on soldiers and… their dogs.

If the last post didn’t get the tears rolling, this definitely will. Be warned.

#NSFW – not because it’s explicit, but just because it’s kind of weird to cry in front of your boss.  Because dogs.

1. Beagle can't believe that his Daddy is home.

2. Chuck doesn't bother waiting for an open door...

3. This Golden Retriever practically CRYING with joy.

4. These teeny tiny dogs won't let their size get in the way of welcome-home kisses.

5. This dog doesn't know what to do when her Mammy returns home.

6. These Bernese Mountain Dogs can't handle the excitement one bit.


8. Owner has to calm his dog down in case it passes out with joy.

9. This dog looks like he can't actually believe what he's seeing.

10. This tiny Bichon Frise wants to make sure she gives her Daddy ALL THE KISSES.

I know, I know. I'm sorry.