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Must Attend Startup Events In July

5. SXSW V2V, Las Vegas July 19-22

SXSW V2V is one the newest additions to the SXSW family of events. The aim of this four day event is to bring the startup and venture capital communities together with the creative industries that have helped propel SXSW forwards.

V2V serves innovators and entrepreneurs from across all the industries at the core of the SXSW Family of events—technology, music, film, fashion, health, education, sustainability, and more—as they learn the skills, make the connections, and find the inspiration to take their ideas and talents to the next level.

4. North Dallas Startup Weekend July 17-19

North Dallas Startup Weekend aims to provide attendees with an opportunity to pitch their business ideas to influencers and industry leader. Receive feedback and advice from judges, mentors, and coaches from all over the Dallas startup community.

Startup Weekend is an event that brings together designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts from all domains to inspire.

The Startup Weekend events follow a similar basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Through popular vote by attendees teams will form around the top ideas and embark on a three-day frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekend culminates with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback.

3. Florida Social Con July 18

At the event Attendees will learn how to leverage the power of social media to increase sales while building valuable connections with customers. You'll be able to learn from influencers and have a chance to get creative and hands on with workshops that will be taking place.

Get Social and grow your business you'll have the opportunity to interact well known and respected individuals in the tech and social media space. Network with peers and business owners and learn from their stories and insights.

Topics at the event will include, Social media and email, Content marketing and social media

Blogging and social media, Influencer marketing, Social media analytics and measuring ROI, Startups and social media.

2. Startup Salon, Dublin July 22

If you have ever had a dream of setting up a business or you want a more creative, dynamic and empowered life than the Startup Salon is a must attend event for you.

The event will give you answers about the world of startups and how you can inject some startup spirit into your own life.

A panel from Ireland’s startup community will be speaking for the evening, sharing their stories about how they went after their dream, and hopefully inspire you to chase your own.

Startup Salon supports diversity by facilitating connections with a diverse range of people who have their own unique ideas. The event will give provide a mix of tech, drinks, restaurants, fashion, food and leisure; and any kind of business whose story is worth sharing.

1. MADTech 2015, London July 20

Hoested by KPMG High Growth Technology Group this event will have key players in the MADTech industry- Ogilvy, Unruly, Adludio, The Bakery, Collider and The Sandpit to come and share their thoughts about the evolution of MADTech, specifically key trends around programmatic advertising, cooperative media, mobile engagement, content marketing & video growth. There will also be a range of topics that cover best practice tips for corporates to work with startups effectively. There will be three keynote speakers from industry leaders, panel discussions and product demo presentations. There will be a networking session that will provide the opportunity to meet more startups who will be available for product demos.

Tips For Entrepreneurs - Lessons Learned From A Female Founder

"I was always destined to become an entrepreneur".

This was the first sentence Niamh Bushnell, Dublin's first Commissioner for Startups, spoke at InspireFest 2015.

She was on stage to give tips to potential startup founders in Dublin who may be struggling to get their idea off the ground. Bushnell told the, predominantly female, audience that she was enterprising from a young age, persuading an Italian man to drive herself and her friend the length of Italy, for free, when she was just 18 years old. 

Since then Bushnell has worked for Enterprise Ireland, has become an Angel Investor, and has set up two companies of her own while living in New York city, the first of which sadly failed.

She shared 10 lessons she has learned over her career thus far, from communication challenges and picking the right co-founders to the issue of becoming too emotionally involved in your idea. Below are her tips for anyone looking to start their own business

Lesson 1: Don't lost track of the market.

You have a great idea - brilliant. But as your idea, and product or service develops, be sure not to lose track of which direction the market is going. Will your idea still be relevant is 6 months? Are you keeping up-to-date with your competitors? One of the most important things to know when starting your own business is to never lose track of the market.

Lesson 2: Being busy doesn't mean you're being productive.

Anyone can make themselves busy, but not everyone can be consistently productive. Make sure you are spending your time working on the right things, the things that are most important to your business taking off.Start with spending time doing the things you love then try to get the more difficult tasks done when you are feeling more motivated.

Lesson 3: Choose everything carefully.

When starting your first business, it is imperative to choose every small element of it with extreme care. Consider your phone providers as much as your investors, be as picky when choosing internet services as you are with choosing talent.

Lesson 4: There are no shortcuts.

You need to tell yourself this again and again because taking shortcuts will only end in a lot more work further down the line or in some instances, ultimate failure. Everything takes time and everything needs to be done properly. Taking shortcuts with your startup is a BIG no-no.

Lesson 5: Tech is challenging.

If you have tech in your product but are not a techie yourself, you will need to learn to be an excellent listener. If you're co-founder is good at the tech side, and your're not, you will need to find clear ways to communicate to ensure you both understand the direction you wish to take your product.

Lesson 6: Successful businesses LOVE numbers.

It's all about the numbers, both at the beginning of your journey and cone your business is established. Investors want to know numbers: How many customers do you have? How many are you retaining? How big is the market? How much profit are you making? Always keep track of the numbers for everything, no matter how small.

Lesson 7: Know both your macros and micro market.

This is about knowing what people are up to in the 'virtual town hall'. Knowing your market isn't just about keeping an eye on your competitors and your sector, it's about understanding and being aware of the bigger picture. Watch the news, read newspapers, subscribe to tech blogs and stay up to date on everything and anything that could potentially affect your business.

Lesson 8: REALLY like your co-founder.

Some people say you should never go into business with friends. While that isn't exclusively true, you do need to be VERY careful with who you decide to start your business with. You have to really like them. You need to like them so much that you would willingly invite them over for dinner every night of the week. If you don't get on with your co-founder, your business is doomed to fail from the get-go.

Lesson 9: Beware of 'good enough'.

This is about focusing on a problem that does not need to be fixed. If the general public feel the product or service they currently use is 'goof enough' that there is probably no real need for a new one. Don't try to create a market where one does one already exist.

Lesson 10: Avoid all the 'startup hype'.

It is so easy. especially here in Dublin, to get sucked in by the hype that surrounds the startup sector. Everyone wants in and some people have even become serial startup founders, jumping form one startup incubator to the next. Just because there is funding available and a great selection of accelerator programmes does not mean they will take you to the next milestone. Your're idea and features need to be killer and you need to work harder than you have ever done before in order to get it off the ground. 

Your Guide To The Europas - The European Tech Startup Conference

You work for a startup and you haven’t heard of The Europas?! What sort of giant rock (ahem computer) have you been hiding behind? Penned as ‘Europe’s Most Prestigious Tech Awards’, The Europas are the premier awards for Europe’s hottest tech startups.

Set up 6 years ago by Mike Butcher, a man known around the world for his role as the Editor of TechCrunch and for his endless contacts within the startup sector, The Europas celebrates the most forward thinking, progressive and innovative tech companies across Europe. Over the past few years, The Europas has grown into a fun and fantastic awards ceremony, followed by an after party and networking.

Where and when does all the action happen:

 The Europas takes place on June 16th at Old Billingsgate, a magnificent old Victorian building that was once the world’s largest fish market. The building has now been converted into a beautiful modern venue with spectacular views of London Bridge.

How to get involved:

The daytime conference is an invitation-only event and is accompanied by a parallel track called PathFounders, an exclusive event for startup Founders that is also invitation-only. If you have not been invited to attend, nut really wish to go, you can can request an invite for these invitation-only events by filling out this form here.

If you are only interested in attending the evening awards ceremony, which is where all the action happens, you can purchase a ticket on Eventbrite which includes entry to the awards as well as dinner and drinks.

Public voting, which was only open for 24 hours, has already ended, but you can check out all the shortlisted startups here.

What are the award categories:

There is a wide variety of award categories in The Europas to cover every type of startup imaginable. From the Best Entertainment, Best E-Commerce and Best Education Startup awards to the Best Mobile startup, Best Founders and Best Investor awards.

Previous notable winners of The Europas include SoundCloud (Best Entertainment Startup), Startupbootcamp (Best Accelerator Programme), BlaBlaCar (Best Sharing Economy Startup) and taxi app Hailo, which one Best Travel Startup last year.

Our pick of 5 of the best European startups:

Dubsmash: I absolutely love DubSmash. It is such an easy to use and fun app, yet so many people don’t seem to know about it. DubSmash let’s you create short selfie videos dubbed with famous sounds, which you can there share online or send to your friends.

HelloFresh: HelloFresh is a great little app that gives you delicious and healthy recipes to cook with and then delivers all the pre-measured ingredients to your door each week to ensure you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is a must-have app for people who find themselves too busy to do food shopping on a weekly basis, and end up falling back on unhealthy alternatives such as fast food.

SkyScanner: I have been using this site for a few years and never really thought of it as a startup. Skyscanner is a global travel search site that provides online comparisons for a number of flights, car rentals, and hotels. If you are looking for the cheapest flights out there, this is the go-to site.

Hassle: This is the perfect site for busy working professionals who are looking for a trustworthy cleaner to help them clean their home. Customers simply go to's website or download the iOS or Android app and type in their postcode to find the right cleaner for them, all in less than 60 seconds. They can then book and pay via's easy-to-use online platform.

Fiverr: Have a task that needs doing but don’t have the time or skills to do it? Check out Fiverr, and you might find the perfect freelancer to help you out, and for starting prices as low as 5 dollars It’s the easiest way for individuals and businesses to get everything done, at unbeatable value.

Where to stay:

Thanks to the conference’s excellent central location in London, there is a huge choice of nearby hotels to stay. Pick the right hotel, and you could find yourself doing some late-night networking at the hotel bar with top tech writers or investors from all over Europe. Stay in the right hotel and you could find yourself eating breakfast with Europe’s up and coming Founders.


London Bridge Hotel

Considering the conference and awards take place in a venue overlooking London Bridge, you couldn’t really stay any closer to the action than the London Bridge Hotel. The hotel also has 7 small and medium sized meeting rooms, perfect if you plan on networking or getting some work done before or after The Europas.

Grange City Hotel

Located smack bang in the centre of the city of London and only minutes walk from the Tower of London, the Grange City Hotel is a great location for your stay. This upscale business hotel also has a great variety of restaurants on offer to guests and also gives you the choice to upgrade to rooms which feature sitting areas, female-focused amenities such as doorbells and anti-mist mirrors, or executive lounge access.

Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard

Want to be close to the awards ceremony but feel like splashing some cash on a spectacular overnight stay? The Shangri-La at the Shard is the hotel for you. This luxurious five star hotel overlooks the river Thames and is only a 15 minute taxi ride from the Canary Wharf business district, perfect if you want t schedule some business meetings before or after the awards.