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Must Attend Startup Events In July

5. SXSW V2V, Las Vegas July 19-22

SXSW V2V is one the newest additions to the SXSW family of events. The aim of this four day event is to bring the startup and venture capital communities together with the creative industries that have helped propel SXSW forwards.

V2V serves innovators and entrepreneurs from across all the industries at the core of the SXSW Family of events—technology, music, film, fashion, health, education, sustainability, and more—as they learn the skills, make the connections, and find the inspiration to take their ideas and talents to the next level.

4. North Dallas Startup Weekend July 17-19

North Dallas Startup Weekend aims to provide attendees with an opportunity to pitch their business ideas to influencers and industry leader. Receive feedback and advice from judges, mentors, and coaches from all over the Dallas startup community.

Startup Weekend is an event that brings together designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts from all domains to inspire.

The Startup Weekend events follow a similar basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Through popular vote by attendees teams will form around the top ideas and embark on a three-day frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekend culminates with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback.

3. Florida Social Con July 18

At the event Attendees will learn how to leverage the power of social media to increase sales while building valuable connections with customers. You'll be able to learn from influencers and have a chance to get creative and hands on with workshops that will be taking place.

Get Social and grow your business you'll have the opportunity to interact well known and respected individuals in the tech and social media space. Network with peers and business owners and learn from their stories and insights.

Topics at the event will include, Social media and email, Content marketing and social media

Blogging and social media, Influencer marketing, Social media analytics and measuring ROI, Startups and social media.

2. Startup Salon, Dublin July 22

If you have ever had a dream of setting up a business or you want a more creative, dynamic and empowered life than the Startup Salon is a must attend event for you.

The event will give you answers about the world of startups and how you can inject some startup spirit into your own life.

A panel from Ireland’s startup community will be speaking for the evening, sharing their stories about how they went after their dream, and hopefully inspire you to chase your own.

Startup Salon supports diversity by facilitating connections with a diverse range of people who have their own unique ideas. The event will give provide a mix of tech, drinks, restaurants, fashion, food and leisure; and any kind of business whose story is worth sharing.

1. MADTech 2015, London July 20

Hoested by KPMG High Growth Technology Group this event will have key players in the MADTech industry- Ogilvy, Unruly, Adludio, The Bakery, Collider and The Sandpit to come and share their thoughts about the evolution of MADTech, specifically key trends around programmatic advertising, cooperative media, mobile engagement, content marketing & video growth. There will also be a range of topics that cover best practice tips for corporates to work with startups effectively. There will be three keynote speakers from industry leaders, panel discussions and product demo presentations. There will be a networking session that will provide the opportunity to meet more startups who will be available for product demos.