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Top 20 Business Travel Hacks : Leave Your Stress at Home

At, we understand the stresses that business travel can cause! So, we thought we should share our knowledge to help alleviate that stress. Here is our list of the top 20 business travel hacks to make the process that little bit easier for you.

Top 20 Business Travel Hacks

  1. Online Check-In

    Simple to do & simple to save yourself a half an hour wait in the morning.

  2. Baggage

    If you need to check in luggage, most airports allow you to drop your case off the evening before. Another morning wait you can avoid!

  3. Airport Genie

    Most airports will have some form of this and if your airport does, it is a business travel hack you will not want to miss out on! Prepay a small amount of money to line up in the fast lane at airport security.

  4. Weather Forecast

    Check the weather forecast of the place you’re travelling to. It will help you eliminate items you were unsure about packing.

  5. Roll. Don’t Fold.

    If you are just bringing hand luggage, then you need to make as much space as possible. Rolling your clothes will save space & help stop creasing!

  6. Fill Each Crack & Crevice

    To save even more space, shove your socks and underwear into your shoes.

  7. Think Ahead

    Pack a comfy outfit for the way home. After a couple of days of business on the go you will crave comfort on your journey home.

  8. Sky Roll

    Designed specifically for business travel, this case will keep your suit crease free with the advantage of being hand luggage size.

  9. Shelf Pack

    This case is for the OCD in all of us. Inside the case are a set of pop up shelves perfect for luxury suitcase living!

  10. Let Them Know

    If you think your Internet access will be limited, make sure to put an automated response on your email to let people know that you're away.

  11. Presentation Prep

    If you are going to be coordinating a presentation, download a presentation app onto your phone with your slides so that you have a back up!

  12. Case Power

    We all know how phone battery life can be. Case Power have a huge range of phone charger phone cases and back up battery packs perfect for when you are on the go.

  13. The Shower Steam

    Creased clothes? No iron? Not a problem. Hang your piece of clothing in the bathroom and turn the shower on. The steam in the room will perfectly steam your clothing and make them meeting ready!

  14. The Pot Iron

    If you don’t have the time or patience for the steam room to work, you’re not out of hacks just yet. If your room has a kitchenette, you’re in luck. Boil some water in a pot and use the base of the pot as an iron.

  15. For the Ladies

    Your hair straightener is perfect for fixing an unruly collar!

  16. Energy Boost

    Keep something small in your bag like a breakfast bar. Depending on how busy you are you mightn’t have time to stop for lunch and a breakfast bar will give you a much needed energy boost when you start to fade.

  17. Beware: Alcohol

    Try to resist the call of your mini-bar. There is nothing worse than delivering or viewing a presentation hungover, so be the bigger person and say nay to the temptation.

  18. But if you can’t…

    Make sure to have the business travel survival kit, of pain killers and vitamin C, in your bag! 

  19. Water

    Keep a full bottle with you at all times. Dehydration can leave you with a headache and feeling tired which is not ideal if you’re out and about all day.

  20. Know where you’re going!
     No one likes being late or a person who is late, so our final hack is this: Make sure you know where you're going and how you’re getting to your event! 

We have all of our venue directions listed on so that you have one less thing to worry about!