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The 7 Most Innovative Hotels On Social Media in 2015

There are quite a few factors that go into making a hotel worth following on your favorite social media channels. From a followers point of view, it could include the stunning photos of the hotel and its surrounding area, beautifully crafted videos which bring the hotel to life or access to exclusive deals and a chance to win a free nights stay.

Whatever the motive for following your favorite hotels, the one factor that remains constant is that the best hotels to follow add value to your trip and engage with both potential guests and existing customers. Below is a list 7 Hotels that we believe do just that, going above and beyond to reach out to people on Social Media.

7) Sol Wave House Majorca

The Sol Wave House Majorca is christened the worlds first "twitter hotel" and for good reason.The hotel incorporates twitter wherever possible. Guests can check in through the hotels designated twitter app, socialize through twitter with other guests and even order room service using specific hashtags.

The hotel's design consists of a blue and white social media style theme which can be seen thoughout the hotel, from the lobby to the bedrooms and even the pool area.

(Photo Credit @Sol Wave Hotel)

Each Friday there is a pool party in the hotel where guests and followers can win tickets,prizes and free drinks by following the hashtag #TwitterPoolParty.

The Sol Wave Majorca is a perfect example of a Hotel meeting the needs of a new type of hotel guest that is becoming increasingly more connected with social media and social media entusiasts who aren't willing to logout on a getaway

You can check them out here : @SolWaveHouse

6)The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons has really become the prominent figure in the social media space for luxury hotels.The hotel chain takes advantage of multiple social platforms like Facebook (approx. 220,000 fans via various accounts), Twitter (approx. 185,000 follower via various accounts) and Google+ , as well as platforms like blogs and its new online magazine.

What sets the Four Seasons Hotel apart on social media is their ability to consistently coming up with creative and clever social media campaigns that resonate with their followers. One campaign being the creation of their own personalized four seasons food truck known as the "FS Food Truck". With over eight destinations, three states and more than 1,000 miles to cover the food truck set out as a mobile stage for the brand’s culinary talent to connect with their local communities. The four seasons social media community had the opportunity to win free food, gift certificates and free hotel nights and was extremely well received.


The four seasons has one main twitter for larger scale promotion and over 50 localized twitter accounts worldwide for creating a more personalised guest and cultural experience.The regent hotel in Singapore is a four seasons property and an excellent example of promoting the hotel itself and all of what Singapore has to offer.

Check them out here:

Facebook l Twitter Pinterest

5)The MGM Grand - Las Vegas


I can talk about this hotel from personal experience. I traveled to Las Vegas last summer and the combination of a stellar hotel room price and what seemed liked an endless amount of activities within the hotel made the MGM grand a no brainer.

What I really like about the MGM grand's social media presence is their ability to capture the exciting Las Vegas atmosphere through images and video. It might be a picture of their exotic cuisine or an exciting upcoming event taking place in hotel or even a video of their lavish pool parties nevertheless guests (both past and present) are kept in the loop with all of what the hotel has to offer.

The MGM Grand also provide guests with the interactive concierge app which is a great resource for exploring both the Hotel and any events taking place in Las Vegas. The app features an interactive map of the property,information on live shows,room service booking and its live twitter stream rewarding users for posting creative pictures and videos of their stay.

Check them out here:

Twitter I Facebook  l  Youtube

4) Marriott Hotels


The Marriott's social media channels are filled with stylish photos of lavish hotel rooms, picturesque destinations and alluring foods from around the globe.Instead of filling their followers news feed with sales pitches and promotions,the Marriott looks to wow and inspire followers with a balance of stunning photography and light-hearted promotional techniques.

One of the Marriott's marketing campaign that has gained a lot of traction in the social media stratosphere is their "Travel Brilliantly" campaign.

The campaign set out to gather ideas from travelers around the world and see what they would like to change about their travel experience. The campaign itself received a huge following, over 700 submissions and was won by Anjana Kallarackal from the US with the idea to provide travelers with healthy eating options from vending machines. Kallarackal received the opportunity to travel to London to peruse her passion of healthy foods and bring her idea to life. 

Marriott now has a selection of the vending machines throughout their properties.


The Marriott also look to reward their social media followers though their new social loyalty system called PlusPoints. Marriott social media followers can instantly collect points through liking, tweeting, posting and checking-in on social media which reserves a monthly allowance of up to 2,000 points for members who advocate the hotel.F or instance, members who trade in 5,000 points can purchase a $10 gift card for Best Buy, Gap, Lowes or Macy’s or view a variety of merchandise options.  Members can also spend 7,500 points for a $15 iTunes gift card.

Check them out here:

Facebook l  @marriott  l  Youtube

3)The Hamilton Hotel - Australia

Leading the charge on the ever increasing instagram trend is the Hamilton Hotel in Australia.The Hotel is known for its tropical scenery and heavenly beaches and uses social media to unveil it to the world. The hamiliton in 2012 decided it would play host to the ultimate InstaMeet, individuals were selected to participate in the program and stay on Hamilton island (@Hamilton).A selection of  25 high-profile “instagramers” from around the world were chosen for the Instameet. When combined, they posted photographs via the Instagram system to hundreds of thousands of followers.

With a combined reach of more than 775,000 Instagram followers alone, the participants linked their island escapade Instagram images to their other social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Tumblr, reaching more than one million fans, friends and followers.

During the Ultimate InstaMeet, Hamilton Island’s “Pilgramers” visited the world-famous Whitehaven Beach, enjoyed sunset cocktails on One Tree Hill, cuddled koalas, walked up Passage Peak to view incredible 360 degree views of the Whitsunday Islands, and indulged in award-winning cuisine.

The event increased the resort’s Instagram followers from 269 to 9,028 and boosted its Facebook fan page followers from 18,478 to 22,791.

Check them out for yourself:

Instagram l Facebook l Twitter

2) Hilton Hotels

"Our Stage. Your Story." is an integrated brand campaign that Hilton launched in February 2014. Utilizing digital and social media, the campaign is designed to uncover unique travel stories that highlights travelers' passion and thirst for new and exciting experiences.

Hilton rewards a generous two-night stay to a lucky traveler who shares an image from their own travels using #HiltonStory each week. Entries can be submitted to their social media platforms which include Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Whether it's a family trip to Orlando, a weekend in Las Vegas or a Ski trip in Whistler, Hilton is asking guests to provide photos from their favorite trips and share their best memories.

To further inspire travelers to share their stories, Hilton is partnering with a phone case design company Casetify, formerly Casetagram and randomly select #HiltonStory participants to receive a phone case from the exclusive Hilton x Casetify collection, featuring Hilton's #HiltonStory imagery.

Individual Hilton Hotel properties also do an excellent job showcasing the brand on social media channels.The Hilton in Birmingham took full advantage of expressing their pet friendly policy in the run up to CRUFTS 2015 (the worlds largest dog show).Below is a picture of General Manager Patrick Stapleton and a very special guest staying in the hotel!


You can check them out here:

Facebook l Facebook Birmingham l @HiltonHotels l  Youtube

1) Fairmont Hotels & Resorts


Stories are for sharing, as is social media, making it the ideal channel for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts to highlight its history and unrivalled collection of luxury hotels.

The company’s social media posts highlight individual properties with excellent photography, encourages conversation and engagement with leading questions, promotes deals and discounts, and also offer itinerary ideas for specific destinations.

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts recently rolled out a Facebook contest called Everyone’s An Original Personality that matched fans up to their lifestyle interests to help define their travel personality.The contest also incorporated a quiz which consisted of five questions each with the choice of five different answers that asked fans to select their favorite beverage, weekend escape, idyllic dining experience, best form of transportation and idea of beauty.

The contest has received a lot of attention and as they've surpassed the number of entries they’d expected. The contest is easy to enter and features a number of luxury prizes.

You can check them out here:

Facebook l @FairmontHotels l  Instagram  l  Youtube