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Best Event Technology At Confex

I spent two days last week at International Confex and the Event Production Show in London’s Olympia and I must admit I was totally blown away by some of the technology on offer. I knew there were going to be some pretty amazing stands, and considering how fast technology is advancing I should probably have had even higher expectations, but some of the ‘tools of the future’ on display really were mind blowing.

From augmented reality ‘selfie booths’ to hashtag printing and pop up Karaoke booths, there was definitely something on offer for every type of event organizer. Below is my pick of the Top 7 Event Technology Tools to make your next event more memorable.

7. Phygital Selfie Machine

Phygital is the company behind the exclusive ‘Selfie Machine’ that drew in lots of inquisitive souls at Confex. This selfie machine is no regular photo booth - it is a fast and fun augmented reality experience that produces unique and fun images. It automatically augments digital ‘props’ onto the screen so it appears as if you are saying something funny (such as ‘Who’s that attractive person? Oh, it’s me!) or makes it appear as if you are fighting a the middle of a busy meeting room or conference!

6. Phygital 360 Virtual Reality

Phygital was also the company behind the 360 degree virtual reality headsets. This was a hands-on experience with augmented reality technology, where I was able to sit on a chair. lean back with some sort of high tech eye goggles on and experience the thrill of driving a race car around a track at break neck speeds. This would be a great piece of technology for launching a new product - especially a product involving movement such as a drone or a new car.

5. MegaBooth 360 Cam

Megabooth is the company behind the 360 Cam, designed especially for the MTV music awards. Their 360 Cam, which I found simple but creative, was basically two Gopro cameras, side by side, attaching to a rotating device. This created a funky 360 degree photo and video, depending on what setting the camera was on.

4. MegaBooth Hashtag Printing

Another piece of cool technology which I enjoying trying out was their ‘Hashtag Printing’ station. This is a fairly simple concept, but with the huge increase is the use of social media at conferences and large events, it’s a great idea to keep people engaged and to encourage the use of a certain #hashtag. It is operated using an interactive touch-screen and attendees can upload their pics on social media with the designated hashtag, then go the Hashtag Printing station and easily print off your pictures.

3. Super Booths Europe Selfie Mirror

Next up is the Selfie Mirror created by Super Booths Europe. Considering the growing popularity of selfies in recent years, it was only a matter of time before this was invented. The Selfie Mirror is the world’s first image capture mirror which means you get a selfie without ever taking your phone out of your pocket. This great piece of technology is perfect for any event involving fashion, beauty or the retail industry and gives guests and shoppers what they want - feedback, social media and fun!

2. Lumi Catch Tweetwall

Lumi Catch, is an app developed by Lumi Insight, a company that aims to give insight instantly through engaging apps for the meetings industry.It enables you to listen, engage and encourage public conversation, whilst understanding the questions, interests and behaviours of those discussing your brand or event. The app can capture and categorise tweets and output them into dynamic tweet walls for real-time engagement.

At Confex, it was able to show attendees who the most influential tweeters were, who was tweeting the most, as well as how people many were using the official #destinationconfex hashtag. This is a really great tool that can be used at a wide range of conferences and events, regardless of the company or industry.

1. Noonah Digital Graffiti Wall

What better way to entertain or engage your guests that with a digital graffiti wall?! When I first came across this at Confex, I had no clue what it was and certainly didn’t know it was all digital! Conference attendees were invited to use digital spray cans to interact with the brand on their digital graffiti wall. Then they were able to share their complete artwork to Facebook and Twitter instantly. Great way to set your inner Banksy loose and get creative!